Dr. Tej Prakash Sharma, Director, VBRI, has more than 13 years of teaching experience. He did his Ph.D. from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University in 2002. He has been actively engaged in the field survey and documentation of Bryophyte Flora in general and Bryidae in particular in India. Dr. Sharma co-authored two books on Biology. He has 20 Research Papers under his name which have been published in renowned national and international journals. Dr. Sharma has a dynamic approach towards academics and administration, which motivates the faculty, staff and students to achieve academic goals.
  • Bryophyte Flora of Gujarat (India), by B.L. Chaudhary, T.P. Sharma, Charu Sanadhya. Himanshu Publication, Udaipur/New Delhi, 2006.
  • Bryophyte Flora of North Konkan, Maharashtra (India), by B.L. Chaudhary, T.P. Sharma, F.S. Bhagora. Himanshu Publication, Udaipur/New Delhi, 2008.
Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Dr. Archana Jain M.A., Ph.D.
11 Years
Dr. Saraswati Joshi    M.A., N.E.T., Ph.D. H.O.D. (Hindi) 10 Years 
Dr. Sameer Vyas M.A. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D. H.O.D. (History) 08 Years  
Dr. Manoj Rajguru M.A., M.Phil., S.L.E.T., Ph.D. H.O.D.(Political Science)
Research Guide
13 Years
Dr. Shri Ram Arya M.A., M.Sc., N.E.T., Ph.D. H.O.D. (Sociology),
Incharge (Rural Development & Ext.)
 Research Guide 
12 Years
Dr. Kanchan Paneri  M.A., M.Phil., S.E.T., Ph.D.  Lecturer (Sociology) 05 Years 
Dr. Ratanlal Suthar    M.A., M.Phil., S.E.T., Ph.D.  H.O.D.(Public Administration) 06 Years 
 Dr. Vikas Baya    M.A., N.E.T., S.E.T, Ph.D. H.O.D.(Geography)  09 Years
Dr. Arti Jain M.A. (Gold Medalist),M.Phil.,  Ph.D H.O.D. (English) 04 Years
 Dr. Paras Ram Teli    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D, SET  H.O.D(Economics)  06 Years
 Dr. Raksha Godawat    M.A. , Ph.D Lecturer (Hindi)  5 Years
 Dr. D.S. Meghwal     M.A. , N.E.T, S.E.T, Ph.D  Lecturer (Sociology) 12 Years 
 Dr. Abrar Ahmed      M.A., Ph.D  Lecturer (English)  5 Years
Mr. Shankar Lal Salvi    M.A., M.Phil., UGC-NET, CSIR-NET, SET  Lecturer(Geography) 1 Year 
 Mrs. Ankita Sharma    M.A.(Geography) , B.Ed.  Lab. Assistant  --

H.O.D., Research Guide H.O.D., Research Guide Lecturer
Department of Botany
 Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
 Dr. Tej Prakash Sharma    M.Sc., Ph.D. H.O.D. 15 Years
Dr. Anita Jain

M.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer, Research Guide 17 Years
 Ms. Upma Bhatt    M.Sc.   Lecturer  ...
 Mrs. Nisha Paliwal    B.Sc, B.Ed.  Lab. Assistant 9 Years 
Department of Chemistry
 Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Dr. Saba Khan

M.Sc., Ph.D. FACULTY HEAD., Research Guide 13 Years
Dr. Daksha Sharma

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. H.O.D 12 Years
Dr. Anju Jain

M.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer 10 Years
Dr. Manish Rawal M.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer 08 Years
Dr. Rehana Khanam

M.Sc., S.E.T., Ph.D. Lecturer 13 Years
 Mrs. Ragini Gandharv    M.Sc. , Ph.D Pursuing  Lecturer 1 year 
 Ms. Jeevan Kunwar     M.Sc.  Lecturer ...
 Mrs. Kumud Paliwal    B.Sc, B.Ed.  Lab. Assistant
10 Years 
 Mrs. Rekha Sharma    M..Sc. , B.Ed.  Lab. Assistant  5 Years
Department of Zoology
 Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Dr. Sushma Jain

M.Sc., Ph.D. H.O.D., Research Guide 12 Years
Dr. Garima Verma

M.Sc. , Ph.D 



 Mrs. Bhawana Lohar    B.Sc. , M.A.,  B.Ed  Lab. Assistant  9 Years
Department of Physics 
 Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience 

Ms. Kushboo Punia

M.Sc., Ph.D  Pursuing


2 Years
 Mr. Tanveer Singh    M.Sc.     
     Lecturer 1 Years 
 Ms. Himanshi     M.Sc.    
 Mr. Pappu Singh Rajput    B.Sc. , M.Sc., B.Ed.  Lab. Assistant  5 Years

 Department of Mathematics
 Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Dr. Naresh Menaria

M.Sc. , Ph.D , MBA

    H.O.D, Research Guide


Dr. Barkha Rani Tripathi M.Sc(Gold Medalist), Ph.D         Lecturer 09
 Mrs. Santosh Kunwar    M.Sc.   Lecturer 
Mrs. Chandrakala Suthar    M.Sc.  Lecturer   .. 

 Lab. Assistant

Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Dr. Anushree Sharma M.Com., M.B.A., Ph.D. FACULTY HEAD
H.O.D.(Banking and Economics)
10 Years
Dr. Kavita Ajmera M.Com., Ph.D. H.O.D(Accounts & Statistics) 11 Years
Dr. Kiran Asnani M.Com., M.Phil., N.E.T., Ph.D.  H.O.D.(Business Admin.) 10 Years
Dr. Harshita Bhatnagar M.B.A. (Gold Medalist), S.E.T., Ph.D. Lecturer(Business Admin.) 07 Years
Dr. Pinki Soni M.Com., M.Phil., S.L.E.T., N.E.T., Ph.D.  Lecturer(Accounts & Statistics) 05 Years
 Dr. Aarti Gupta     M.Com., NET, JRF, Ph.D  Lecturer(Accounts & Statistics) 6 Years 
Ms. Kiran Yadav     M.Com, N.E.T  Lecturer (Accounts & Statistics)
Name Photo Qualification Designation Total Teaching Experience
Mr. Sonesh Bhatia M.C.A., N.E.T., S.E.T. H.O.D. 15 Years
Dr. Laxman Singh Rajput M.C.A., Ph.D. Lecturer,
Additional Incharge ( Physics)
14 Years
Ms. Cheshta Sharma M.Sc. Electronics (Gold Medalist),
N.E.T., M.Sc. Computer Science,
Pursuing PhD 
Lecturer 10 Years
Dr. Laxmi Dulawat M.C.A., Ph.D. Lecturer 08 Years
Mr. Pooran Singh B.E., M.Tech.,N.E.T. Lecturer 09 Years
 Mrs. Vandana Gupta     M.Sc.(I.T.) , M.C.A  Lecturer 04 years 
 Mr. Mahendra Singh    B.C.A., M.C.A.  Lab Assistant  03 years
 Mr. Anand Bhavsar    B.C.A., M.A.   Lab Assistant 05 Years 

Name Photo Designation
Mr. Deepak Prajapat Office Superintendent 
Sh. Mangilal Menaria  Office Assistant
Mr. Naresh Sahu Librarian
 Mr. Shankar Lal Khatik  Technical Assistant (Library)
Dr. Neeru Shrimali PTI
 Dr. Vinita Paneri      Event Manager
Ms. Kumud Paliwal Lab. Assistant (Chemistry)
Ms. Rekha Sharma Lab. Assistant (Chemistry)
Ms. Nisha Paliwal Lab. Assistant (Botany)
Ms. Bhawana Lohar Lab. Assistant (Zoology)
Mr. Pappu Singh Rajput Lab. Assistant (Physics)
Ms. Ankita Vyas
Ms. Deepshikha Porwal
Mr. Mohan Lal Kumhar Office Assistant
Mr. Devraj Thapa Peon
Mr. Umanath Sharma Peon
Mr. Sohan Lal Meghwal Peon
Mr. Pankaj Peon
Mr. Toliram Peon
Mr. Kishan Peon
Mr. Onkar Peon
Mr. Bhanwar Singh Peon
Mr. Naru Lal Peon
Mr. Mukesh Singh Peon
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